Sphag Sorb

SPHAG SORB is an important absorbent that should be part of your spill kit, and its available from Syntec Chemicals捕鱼注册送38体验金 in Scotland.

Sphag Sorb is a natural, eco-friendly sphagnum moss based super absorbent. The product is ideal for cleaning up solvents, oils and diesel, as well as paints and chemical spills. At up to 95 % absorbency it can be used on land as well as at sea; It absorbs 10 times its own weight in fluid.

The perfect spill kit for that should be held by police, hauliers and first responders and those dealing with oil or chemical spills at sea.
Sphag Sorb is available in a variety of pack sizes for your convenience.
Ready to ship UK wide.
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